Frankie Magazine

A selection of portrait illustration commissioned by Frankie Magazine from 2016 to present.

(note: Molly Ringwold illustration in image 2 by Sara Hingle)

Portrait illustrations of Edith Garrud, Irena Sendlerowa, Pearl Gibbs, Nwanyeruwa & Ruth Bader Ginsberg for article  Women who fought the power , in Frankie Issue 89.
Portrait illustrations of Debbie Harry and Susan Sarandon for Frankie Fan Girl Jotter notebooks. (Design by  Aimee Carruthers  & Molly Ringwold illustrated by  Sara Hingle ).
John Cusack, Frankie Issue 85.
Debbie Harry, Frankie Issue 78.
Susan Sarandon, Frankie Issue 79.
Spot illustrations for article  The Dark Side,  Frankie Issue 80.
Detail: Anne Rice, Elvira, Mary Shelley, Robert Smith, Nick Cave, Tim Burton, Theda Bara & Siouxie Sioux.